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When you are playing outside, it is important to keep safety in mind.  Sometimes, things happen very unexpectedly and as a result, you could find you or your friends in need of help.  Have you heard of the green X snake in the Ecuador jungle?  If you haven’t you should look into it before engaging in an Ecuador Tour of the jungle.  If you are prepared with first aid training or even EMS training, you will be able to help yourself and/or your friend to make it through a potentially difficult situation, even a bite from the feared green X snake just mentioned.  These days, many schools are even teaching students about first aid and CPR, even offering certifications in these.  If you are in school and this is offered, it may be a good idea to take the training.  You just never know when you may end up in a dire situation.  When you know how to respond and control the situation it can turn out much better in the end.

Sometimes search and rescue organizations use drones to help find people who are lost.  Drone technology has come so fare that even amazon.com is wanting to use drones to deliver products to peoples doors, its called prime air, go check it out!  If the technology is that good, then surely it is invaluable in finding missing people in isolated places like the forest or canyons that may be present in the wilderness.  When the right tools are used, such as camera drones, lives can be saved and drones are contributing to this.  However, sometimes people use drones for bad things.  A drone is basically an unmanned flying machine that can be taken into places that manned flying machines cannot go.  Because of this the benefits are many.  To find out more about drones, visit our drone blog.

But really, the fact of the matter is that there are so many things to do outdoors on our wonderful planet that we do not have enough time in our short 70 or 80 years to accomplish everything that we want to accomplish.  Too bad we don’t live longer; then we could learn everything we want to learn, fly all the drones we want to fly, drive all the cars we want to drive, study everything we want to study, and we would never get tired of learning new things.  But, as it is, we enjoy life to the full right now; protecting it with proper training, enjoying the great outdoors, investing and enjoying our wealth or lack there of as wisely as possible so that in the end, we can say we had a satisfying life.


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